Enigma Virtual Box

A useful software solution that provides a powerful system that is designed to facilitate the virtualization of registry entries and apps.

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Enigma Virtual Box Description

Virtualization solutions for software applications are somewhat hard to come by and for this reason any program that can carry out such a tasks is a true gem for those who need to create portable apps, for instance. One of the leading solutions in this area is Enigma Virtual Box and it is much sought after because of the features it offers and the ease of use that characterizes it.

Visually, the interface may not be one of the best looking you have seen, but it is very practical and will surely play an important role in getting the job done seamlessly. The main window accommodates all the features of the utility and has them neatly organized in several tabs for quick access.

The way in which this tool actually works is simple and straightforward. More precisely, it will take all the necessary files and registry entries that are required by a certain software to function properly and package them together in such a way that the program will run independently, without having all the components extracted onto the system it is deployed on.

Enigma Virtual Box is able to handle all types of files and since everything is loaded in the system memory, no disk usage will be recorded, not even for temporary files. Another great thing about this utility is the ability to compress the target files, so it will actually save space and make the end product a bit smaller that the sum of its parts.

In case there are some dependencies like ActiveX controls or COM components that would require administrative rights in order to be registered on the computer, Enigma Virtual Box takes care of that and allows the procedure to take place without you having to posses those privileges.

To sum things up, given the utmost ease of use and the great features it provides, Enigma Virtual Box can be considered hands down the best application in its category.

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