Enhancer for YouTube for Firefox

Improve your user experience and YouTube’s functionality while using Firefox with the help of this clever and user-friendly extension.

  • Enhancer for YouTube for Firefox
  • Version:2.0.17
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Maxime RF

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Enhancer for YouTube for Firefox Description

With one of the most fascinating histories of the Internet era, YouTube is now part of our daily lives more than almost any other video sharing platform, for reasons that hardly need mentioning.

Even though YouTube is over a decade old and despite the impressive evolution of the platform, you could argue that based on its age the platform’s functionality has changed very little.

This is where Enhancer for YouTube for Firefox comes into play. Designed with the needs of needs of slightly more advanced users in mind, this extension platform’s functionality by adding all sort of useful, and cool, features.

Simple enhancements that will improve your experience with YouTube

For starters, it’s worth pointing out that it allows you to control both the volume levels and the playback speed with the mouse scroll-wheel, to loop videos (even though this is a native function as of late), and it can also remove the annoying ads from most YouTube videos.

Still not convinced? You can disable various features like preloading and autoplay, execute your own actions (scripts) using JavaScript, and select the autoplay preferred format. There’s also a nifty “cinema mode” that dims everything around the player in order to help you focus on your video better.

Useful and comprehensively-customizable Firefox extension

Head over to the app’s Options page, and you’re bound to discover even neater little touches. For instance, you can enable various transparency, tooltips, and slide up/down effects and even choose from a set of three UI themes. What’s more, you can customize a lot of the parameters for the video player as well as the cinema mode.

Last but not least, it’s well worth pointing out that the extension also comes with support for keyboard shortcuts, even though they’re just removing the ads, for toggling the cinema mode and for resizing the player.

Useful cross-browser extension that makes YouTube a bit better

Having said all that, it’s quite clear that Enhancer for YouTube for Firefox is a very well-thought out and must-have tool for every Firefox, Chrome, or Opera user who spends time on YouTube (really, who doesn’t?). In addresses some of the most important issues with YouTube’s functionality and video player, while remaining fairly unobtrusive and surprisingly user-friendly.

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