Enhancer for YouTube for Chrome

Improve your YouTube experience with a powerful extension that enables you to customize the website’s look, remove ads on specific channels, control the volume with the mouse wheel, and much more.

  • Enhancer for YouTube for Chrome
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  • Publisher :Maxime RF

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Enhancer for YouTube for Chrome Description

YouTube is certainly not perfect, and most of us probably have lots of ideas when it comes to possible improvements. If you don’t want to install countless browser extensions that each make a small modification, you may want to try out Enhancer for YouTube.

A feature-packed extension that offers a lot of customization options, it can improve YouTube in a number of ways. Most importantly, it allows you to block ads on specific channels, easily control volume and playback speed and set a default video size and quality.

This particular extension was designed for Google Chrome, but near-identical versions are also available for Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge.

Extensive set of features packed into a single, intuitive extension

The great thing about Enhancer for YouTube is that it includes functions you would normally have to install multiple extensions for. Moreover, it allows you to customize pretty much all of them, so it is easy to make it suitable for your needs.

Furthermore, everything can be controlled from a very intuitive configuration panel, so even first-time users should not run into any issues. Helpful tooltips are available, and it is also possible to perform various actions using keyboard shortcuts.

When you move the mouse cursor to the bottom of the page, the extension can bring up a small toolbar that provides quick access to several functions.

Cinema mode, ad blocker and lots of other interesting features

Enhancer for YouTube can automatically select the desired video quality when it is loaded and enlarge the player window, as well as activate an enhanced cinema mode that fades out all content outside the player.

The extension also comes equipped with an ad-blocking feature perfectly suited for YouTube. Unlike other ad blockers, it allows you to whitelist certain channels so that you can still support your favorite YouTubers.

Another interesting feature is the option to display a small video player at the bottom of the screen when scrolling down. However, it cannot be moved to the left side of the page, and it can get it the way of the video previews at present.

Versatile Chrome extension that can solve a lot of YouTube-related issues and improve your overall experience

On the whole, Enhancer for YouTube is a well-designed Chrome add-on that brings a lot of small improvements, resolves some issues with YouTube and allows you to customize the website’s look and feel.

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