Seamlessly convert a character string into a sequence of bytes using the UTF-8 encoding with just one click using this tiny software solution.

  • EncodeAnt
  • Version :1.2.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Laurence Anthony

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EncodeAnt Description

While users view data as a string of letters, numbers and symbols, you should know that characters employed in various web applications is not managed as they preview it on their screens. In fact, the data is encoded into a series of ones and zeros that make the content readable regardless of the users’ native language.

EncodeAnt is a light piece of software that enables you to encode any given text into a Unicode format, so that it can be accessed and interpreted more efficiently.

Minimalistic appearance and straightforward functionality

The application does not require a setup and hence, you can start using it as soon as you downloaded it into your computer. The interface is bare-bones, simple and is comprised of two main sections, namely the panel that displays the list of the original files you want to convert and the Encoding Results pane that allows you to view the name of the files that have been compiled.

The program is as simple to use as it looks, meaning that you solely need to add the original files and hit the Start button and the application does the rest. In the lower section of the UI, the app features a status bar that provides you with details regarding the encoding status of your files.

It supports numerous types of encoding

It is important to note the utility only has the role of detecting and converting character data to a universal ASCII format. Therefore, you cannot edit the contents of the text documents you want to convert.

On the other hand, you can specify the type of character encoding. While you can leave it as Auto Detect, you can also opt for other forms of encryption, depending on your native language. You will be happy to learn that the application supports a wide variety of languages and Unicode, including Hebrew, Greek, Vietnamese and Chinese Simplified, to name a few.

A handy tool for developers who do not speak English

All in all, if you are a software developer and plan to release applications that can be enjoyed by users all across the world, then EncodeAnt can lend you a hand with detecting and converting text data into UTF-8 character strings.

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