eMule Ultra Accelerator

Boost the overall transfer speed of the eMule client and make sure to find download sources more efficiently using this straightforward tool.

  • eMule Ultra Accelerator
  • Version :5.4.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Traffic Speeders

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eMule Ultra Accelerator Description

If you’re using eMule file sharing program to exchange data with your friends there are a few add-ons that might improve the download experience.

One of them is eMule Ultra Accelerator, a component that integrates into the file sharing program and, as its name suggests, should improve the overall transfer speed. eMule client is required for the component to be able to do its job.

Installing the component is not a tough job but you should pay attention to the process because it may attempt to push third party application on the system, which can affect your web browsing experience.

Increase transfer speed

According to the developer, eMule Ultra Accelerator is designed to provide faster downloads for data transferred through the ED2K, Source Exchange and Kad networks.

The application works by optimizing the bandwidth usage and it does this as soon as installed. Additionally, it should improve the search speed as it seeks alternative download resources that have been skipped by the host program.

Non-configurable settings

The interface is composed of a single window that contains no options for the plug-in except for starting and stopping its activity.

However, there is the possibility to select the network interface and to view some statistics touching on the current connection.

These include the amount of data sent and received (available in bytes) as well as how long it has optimized the connection.


eMule Ultra Accelerator simply needs to be installed on the system side by side with eMule file sharing alternative and it should work out of the box with no special attention.

Apart from optimizing the bandwidth for better transfer speeds its list of features also includes faster searching in the network and discovering more suitable sources for the current downloads. However, its utility today is as good as eMule’s.

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