Empty Folder Cleaner Portable

Quickly delete folders and junk subfolders from any location on your computer and gain storage space on your computer using this app.

  • Empty Folder Cleaner Portable
  • Version:2.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:4dots Software

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Empty Folder Cleaner Portable Description

While initially it worked out smoothly and was fast, over time the computer starts to become sluggish and runs too slow for your taste. The main culprit for the performance decrease is the virtual junk that accumulates in there.

Empty Folder Cleaner Portable is a lightweight application that enables you to remove junk and empty folders on a selected location or your entire hard disk in just a few clicks.

Comes with a user-friendly a tidy UI

The setup is quick and straightforward, particularly since it entails decompressing the archive. The program comes with a minimalistic and easy to navigate interface, so it is unlikely that you would encounter any issues. The UI takes on an Explorer structure, a design that makes searching for folders in various locations on your HDD a lot simpler.

Once the scan is complete, the results are displayed along with the full tree path, so you can delete everything unnecessary. You should know that the app also indicates whether the folders are protected, junk or normal, an option that can reduce the risk of accidental deletions.

Enables you specify what you want to delete

The utility comes with a plethora of configuration options that allow you to determine the parameters the app should consider junk or empty directory. For example, you can set the app to ignore hidden folders, send the items to Recycle Bin or delete them permanently from your computer. In addition, the app enables you to mark the folders yourself as junk and delete them as administrator.

It is worth mentioning that the program addresses empty folders specifically and consequentially, does not include functions that can erase duplicate files, clean the registry, defragment drives or speed up the startup. If you are interested in performing a thorough cleaning of your computer, then you need to use other third-party software solutions.

On a side note, unlike the standard version, the Portable app does not include the context menu feature.

A simple tool for cleaning your PC of empty files

In the eventuality that you want to get rid of all the empty or junk files on your computer, so you find the files you need for your projects faster, then Empty Folder Cleaner Portable might be the app to help you out.

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