Employee Project Clock

Record the time spent by your employees at work, even during holidays and sickdays with this application that allows you to export data to CSV and QuickBooks formats.

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Employee Project Clock Description

Digital tools can have a wide variety of uses in a business environment. From comprehensive financial simulators to simple sales recorders, entrepreneurs have greatly benefited from the increase in new programs. Employee Project Clock is one such tool that allows managers to keep a detailed record of employees’ work shifts.

Monitor the activity of employees

The application can also be used as an expenses tracker and it also allows one to view lunch breaks and special punch ins (e.g. for holidays or sick days). As with most recorders, the program has to be configured first and users have the option of manually inserting data or importing it from an existing CSV document.

One of the great features of this application is its use of databases to store information. This ensures increased security, but also data integrity; users can even import SQL files and extract the data from such documents.

Generate comprehensive reports based on the collected data

It should be noted that the application is more than just a simple punch in and punch out work shifts utility. Once properly configured, each employee can be assigned to a certain project, task and even client. This allows one not only to monitor work shifts, but also the time spent on certain projects and tasks.

Once satisfied with their data, users can generate detailed reports, based on certain parameters. For example, one can view and export documents on certain projects, employees, and even time-sheets by tasks. Where applicable, charts are generated and output options include PDFs, RTFs, CSVs, and HTMLs.

The program assists managers in recording their employees work shifts and hours dedicated to certain projects and tasks

Summing up, Employee Project Clock is a practical tool for anyone in the business of keeping track of employees’ shifts and activities.

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