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Enhance the messages you share online using emoji and eye-catching text styles offered integrated in this lightweight Opera extension.

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emojiSelector for Opera Description

If you think the messages you share online lack originality, you could let emoji do the work for you and breathe new life into your writing style.

emojiSelector for Opera is a fun software utility that could lend you a hand in this respect, what with the generous collection of emoji it puts at your disposal.

Lets you search emoji using keywords

First of all, as its very name suggests, this is a browser extension that requires little attention when installing it. Once you have it up and running, clicking on its icon in the toolbar is all that’s needed for you to do.

As for how the add-on works, things are quite straightforward, with two approaches being available for you to choose between. To be more specific, you can either search the emoji database using keywords or you can simply browse through the collection and see if you stumble upon something fun.

Note, however, that the Opera extension does not include just emoji, since symbols and text templates are integrated as well.

Organizes emoji and symbols into categories

Going back to emoji, it is worth mentioning that they are grouped into categories such as “People & Faces,” “Objects,” “Activity & Sport,” “Animal & Nature,” “Food & Drinks,” “Travel & Landscape,” and “Flags.”

What is great is that the add-on promotes racial equality, and in the case of emoji depicting people, as many as six skin tones are available for you to choose from.

As already mentioned, besides emoji, the tool enables you to type text, which you can also share online just by copying and pasting it.

Fun Opera extension keeping up with the times

All in all, emojiSelector for Opera is a handy browser extension aimed at users who want to use emoji, symbols, and stylized text in the messages they share on social media or whatever platform they use. If your favorite browser is Chrome, however, you should know there is a version of emojiSelector tailored to your needs as well.

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