Emoji Viewer for Windows 10

Explore a multitude of emoji and symbols whose icon and code you can easily copy to enhance your texts by resorting to this lightweight app.

  • Emoji Viewer for Windows 10
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Dexterus

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Emoji Viewer for Windows 10 Description

In the last few years, emojis have become a standard of communication, and their diversity is evergrowing . People use them in all sorts of contexts to express their reactions, and they naturally want to keep up with the latest items.

Emoji Viewer is an application designed for Windows 10 computers and that can do precisely that, namely provide users with a multitude of emojis they can use in whatever context they see fit.

Rich library of emojis and symbols

First of all, it must be mentioned that the program features a simplistic user interface that allows users to browse through a host of emojis organized based on their theme. All emoji classes are grouped at the top of the main window, and they are: “Emoticons,” “People,” “Leisure,” “Nature,” “Office,” “Mahjong,” “Letters,” “Food & Drinks,” “City,” “IT/UI,” and “Miscellaneous.”

What’s more, the program includes a host of symbols again arranged based on their type, with general or math-related items, arrows, cards, shapes, and Braille letters being available for you to copy. Note that you can copy either the icon or the code and use it wherever you want.

Lets you drag and drop any icon

Besides, you also have the possibility of adding emojis to favorites and have them easily accessible, especially if you use them on a daily basis.

It is also important to note that the program enables you to make all emojis and symbols draggable while also letting you choose the type of code associated with each item, which can be either decimal or hexadecimal.

Another interesting aspect is that you can select any skin tone for your emojis and that, for political correctness reasons, they come with a colorless default option.

Easy-to-use app that adds a hint of fun to your texts

All in all, Emoji Viewer is a fun library comprising, just as suggested by its very name, lots of emojis and symbols helping you enhance the texts you exchange with your friends. It is easy to use and categorizes items based on intuitive filters enabling you to find whatever emojis best illustrates your point.

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