EMCO Network Inventory Enterprise

Scans all the remote computers in your network and retrieves data on all the inventory assets without requiring client software installation.

  • EMCO Network Inventory Enterprise
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  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :EMCO

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EMCO Network Inventory Enterprise Description

EMCO Network Inventory Enterprise is a full-featured network auditing application designed to assist you in keeping track of all the hardware and software components.

The application can scan the file system or the registry of all the remote workstations and retrieve detailed information concerning all the inventory items, including data about hardware and installed applications, software licenses and system settings.

All the gathered information is displayed in tree view, in order to facilitate the fast and easy navigation. You can view a summary sheet for each network machine, comprising details about hardware, software and system configuration.

The application enables you to view installed applications, shared folders, manage monitors and printers, physical, CD and logical drives, processors, adapters, services, memory banks and ODBC data sources. You can use it to view running processes on each PC, manage user accounts and scheduled tasks.

The scanning operation can be easily customized by creating exclusion lists, which include machines or entire IP ranges that will not be included in the search. What’s more, you can specify custom criteria for scanning files, registry entries or services.

Aside from viewing inventory statistics on screen, the application features reporting capabilities. It can generate printable reports comprising all or parts of the collected information, which can also be exported to various formats.

EMCO Network Inventory Enterprise enables you to generate a centralized SQL database that includes details on each of the connected computers, which can really prove useful to network administrators. Its customization options for scanning conditions and the built-in SQL query creator enables you to quickly get an overview of all the assets and quickly identify unused or missing resources.

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