ELM Enterprise Manager

Real-time monitoring of servers and event logs, surveillance of network workstations, devices and firewalls, with integrated alerting system.

  • ELM Enterprise Manager
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  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :TNT Software, Inc.

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ELM Enterprise Manager Description

ELM Enterprise Manager is a complex and powerful piece of software designed to offer you a reliable solution for event log management and proactive server monitoring. In other words, this tool enables system administrators to view the health status of any server system with just a few mouse clicks.

Includes four sub-components

Probably the first thing you need to know about this all-encompassing app is the fact that it includes the following software solutions: ELM Server, ELM Console, ELM Advisor and ELM Agent.

These components team up and offer you real-time event collection across networks and domains, advanced filtering for alerts, event log correlation and secure storage and archiving.

Comes with a streamlined user interface

Subsequent to its installation, you are greeted by a streamlined and fairly simplistic main window, with a menu bar and a small toolbar. Being a monitoring and management system, it comes as no surprise that its interface cannot be really called user-friendly

Nonetheless, after a small adjustment period, you can easily find every feature you are looking for in the app’s menu bar.

Packs advanced monitoring and logging features

In addition, the app also provides you with automated log management, monitoring for service status changes, scanning for log files and performance reporting. Additionally, it also offers threshold monitoring for CPU, disk space and memory.

It also provides a wide array of functions, such as query-based monitoring, process monitoring and real-time monitoring based on the Windows Performance Monitor API. Furthermore, event consolidation and service and cluster monitoring are also part of ELM Enterprise Manager’s set of features.

The utility also comes with support for WMI, TCP port monitoring and TCP/IP app-based monitoring of SNMP, syslogs, HTP/HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, and FTP.

Not the most user-friendly app out there, but that is to be expected

While working with the app, you get the feeling that this is a well-thought piece of software. It comes with a great deal of complex monitoring and event logging features, a fact that may make it feel intimidating at first, even for the most experienced users out there.

Nonetheless, there is no doubting ELM Enterprise Manager’s usefulness, as it proved itself to be a reliable utility that really does help system administrators keep track of elements of networks, live servers, workstations and other devices.

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