EliteBytes MaxVeloSSD

SSD and RAM caching application that enables you to benefit from higher read and write speed rates on your hard disks, optimizing your system.

  • EliteBytes MaxVeloSSD
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  • Publisher :EliteBytes Limited

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EliteBytes MaxVeloSSD Description

EliteBytes MaxVeloSSD is a powerful SSD and RAM caching system that makes it possible for you to speed up the read speed of your hard disks, thus increasing the performance of your computer and making it respond to actions much faster.

Two-level SSD and RAM caching

If you are a bit familiar with SSD caching, you should know that this application requires both a SSD and a HDD to function. It works with various storage volumes (RAID, Fibre Channel LUN, SAN, iSCSI, boot and Dynamic drives), also delivering support for multicore CPUs to allow maximum I/O throughput.

Unlike its little brother, VeloSSD, which only offers SSD caching, MaxVeloSSD also features RAM caching. In other words, it provides a two-level caching algorithm that is bound to help the HHD outperform SSD systems in terms of speed.

Monitor cached drives and read their SMART attributes

Following a brief setup process, EliteBytes MaxVeloSSD places an icon in the system tray, enabling you to access its control center with just a click. A new MaxVeloSSD drive can be created following a few simple steps provided by the built-in wizard.

All the available partitions you can cache are displayed in a list, alongside their type, size and the SMART attributes. The cached drive is created in an instant, and you can monitor it and start cache load with the click of a button. Furthermore, EliteBytes MaxVeloSSD monitors the peformance of the cached drives in real time.

A simple means of increasing the performance of a hard drive

Using a SSD to enhance the performance of a hard drive is not a new idea, but EliteBytes MaxVeloSSD helps you make use of this in the easiest way possible. With SSD caching enabled, the programs or games you use most will already be loaded into the drive, so your PC will be able to process larger amounts of data in a reduced loading time.

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