Egor’s Graphing Calculator

Construct mathematical expressions and view their corresponding functions on a graph with this utility that emulates a TI-83 hand calculator.

  • Egor’s Graphing Calculator
  • Version :3.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Egor Poblaguev

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Egor’s Graphing Calculator Description

Egor’s Graphing Calculator is a compact mathematical function plotter that resembles the famous TI-83 hand calculators and emulates their features. Those who need the functionality of such a device into a desktop application might appreciate the features that this calculator offers. It will allow them to construct mathematical expressions, with custom variables and preview the corresponding mathematical functions on a graph viewer.

Basic interface that offers mathematical tools similar to the ones found on a graphing calculator

Egor’s Graphing Calculator features a minimalist interface with two main sections, one for inserting mathematical expressions and one for viewing custom functions on a graph. Its clean layout will offer users the means to create their own expressions or equations and add custom variables.

The expression view will provide the results for the inputted calculations, but unfortunately, users will not be able to edit the expressions as command lines. Once the equation parameters have been defined on the graphing tab, people will be able to generate the corresponding functions and view their characteristics.

Plot custom mathematical equations with this function visualizer and adjust or navigate through the resulting graphs

Users can increase the complexity of their equations by adding as many parameters as required and the application allows them to customize the dependency of each one individually. The resulting function plot will be adjustable in terms of line width or background color and one can easily zoom in / out or navigate through the plotting area.

Although Egor’s Graphing Calculator was created in order to emulate the features of a TI-83 hand calculator, experienced users might find a lack of more advanced tools. Other similar software solutions offer features such as Discrete Fourier Transformations or directional field plotting and the avid mathematics users could require these.

Compact utility for defining equations with custom parameters and plotting mathematical functions

Those who require a good desktop alternative to the TI-83 graphing calculators could consider Egor’s Graphing Calculator a fair choice. It will provide them with ease of use and it will offer customizable variables and decent function plotting capabilities. As with other software of this type, Egor’s Graphing Calculator will require good knowledge of mathematical functions.

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