Manage your schedule by keeping track of all events, tasks and contacts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with this extensive app.

  • Efficcess
  • Version : 5.22 Build 530
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Efficient Software

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Efficcess Description

Efficcess is a lightweight utility that allows you to manage your appointments and important events in your life better.

Fresh interface with numerous options and tools

The setup is quick, whereas the interface is modern and sleek. Even though it allows you to add a plethora of information, you do not get the feeling that the UI is too crowded or confusing.

Moreover, the program includes several skins, so you can select the colors you like by accessing the Interface Style from the View menu. You should know that you can arrange the menus and configure the applications as many or as little buttons as you wish.

Helps you plan your schedule in detail

From adding recurring and all-day tasks to planning your month based on the important events in your location and national holidays, Efficcess is a comprehensive time management program. Adding, deleting or editing an entry as well as its overall functionality is smooth and has an overall good responsiveness.

In addition to the calendar functions, the program also allows you to search for specific events or tasks using keywords. What is more, you can encrypt dairy or desktop notes, organize the entries in relevant groups, include attachments and save your favorite URLs in certain groups for later.

On a side note, if you accidentally delete an entry, the app can help you recover it by accessing the Restore function.

Limited associated file types

The drawback of the program is that it cannot support too many file formats. More exactly, if you want to import or export data from your other calendars, the app supports CSV and TXT files only. It could be useful if it extended the associated files types.

It is important to note that while you can save your agenda, you can do that in an EFFW file format that you can access later via the application. You can also select a folder where the program can automatically create backup files.

An effective solution for schedule management

All in all, Efficcess proves to be an extensive event, task and contacts manager. In addition to adding appointments and setting reminders seamlessly, the app also enables you to synchronize files across your computers and mobile devices.

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