The application gives you the power to create, view, and share 3D models and 2D drawings from an intuitive and user-friendly environment.

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eDrawings Description

Before putting in motion a major project, it is recommended to design it using a computer application that can provide enhanced analysis and accuracy. SolidWorks eDrawings is an intuitive and efficient application designed to deliver simple means for viewing, printing and converting 2D and 3D CAD models.

A handy and practical visualization application

Created primarily as a CAD viewer, SolidWorks eDrawings is intended for general use and aimed at users who do not require complex CAD software, but an easy-to-use utility that will help them visualize and print drawings.

Needless to say, you can achieve this with any other CAD software, but at much greater costs and at the risk of spending a long time trying to understand how to use such a program.

A simpler solution resides in software such as SolidWorks eDrawings, which provides a more user friendly experience and a good selection of viewing and conversion features.

Can process a large variety of formats

What impressed us the most about SolidWorks eDrawings is the extensive support for CAD formats that includes SolidWorks proprietary formats (SLDPRT, SLDASM, SLDDWR, PRTDOT, ASMDOT, DRWDOT, EPRT, EDRW and EASM), as well as STL, DXF and DWG.

The set of visualization controls provide everything you need to thoroughly explore the layouts and textures of any CAD drawing: zoom, rotate, pan, perspective and shaded views. 3D models can be dynamically visualized, allowing you to distinguish each drawing view, in an animated rotation movement.

Validate, print, or export to several image file types

Individual views can be arranged as you wish, despite their original order, while the 3D pointer smartly identifies and matches the geometry inside multiple drawing views.

In addition, the MoldflowXpress will validate your models, assessing whether they are ready or not for the manufacture process.

Last, but not least, you can convert CAD drawings to several other formats, such as ZIP, EXE, HTM, BMP, TIF, JPG, PNG and GIF via a simple export operation.

In conclusion

On an ending note, SolidWorks eDrawings is more than a CAD viewer, sporting functions that allow you to explore and study the models properly. The number of supported formats offers it a great deal of flexibility while the intuitive interface gets anyone quickly up and running.

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