Build your applications and websites in a powerful environment packed with support for popular and common programming languages, auto-complete feature, compiler, builder and a lot more.

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EditRocket Description

Besides technical details like a computer and an active Internet connection, dozens of lines of code make it possible for you to read this and interact with the rest of the page. This also applies to any other application you can deploy on your system, and if you’re looking for a method to build your own or analyze other projects, EditRocket might just be what you’re looking for.

Intuitive and customizable interface

Wrapped around a powerful integrated development environment, there is a highly-intuitive and fully customizable interface that quickly gets you up and running. Tab support enables you to simultaneously work on your projects, while navigation panels provide quick access to files on your computer, expressions library and more. There’s also a portable version in case it tickles your fancy.

Rich documentation, templates and resource library

Another advantage is that you only need thorough programming knowledge to get straight to the point, with beginners also having a shot at learning a thing or two. In this regard, a breathtaking amount of documentation is at your disposal, with implementation for multiple platforms and operating systems.

Furthermore, sidekicks display all recognized forms, variables and expressions to quickly import them. There’s also the possibility to start a new project from scratch using your preferred programming language and based on several templates, such as the popular “Hello World” program.

Use the programming language that suits you

To make your work even easier, various tools and functions are bundled up so dependencies of external applications are reduced to a minimum. An impressive array of programming languages are supported for increased flexibility, with entries like C, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, Python, Perl and more being amongst your choices.

Enhanced workflow with IntelliSense and various wizards

Customization is a strong feature. You can take your time and adjust all settings like syntax highlighting, visual display or FTP connections for an enhanced workflow. What’s more, the application lets you configure external applications like a zip compression utility or browsers to use for preview.

The edit area is surrounded by wizards and buttons that aim to accelerate the creation process. Regardless of the programming language you choose to work with, the application is equipped with IntelliSense to minimize the risk of errors. Additionally, a large variety of wizards help you quickly deploy the code needed to implement buttons, tables, pictures and other elements.

Test, build and export your projects

The application aims to take you all the way through. In other words, you don’t just get to write down your code, but you can also check it for errors, take it through a compiler, run make a final build for distribution. Additional options let you export to several file formats, or even upload to your FTP/SFTP server by providing the proper credentials.

To sum it up

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that EditRocked is a powerful development environment with which both beginners and enthusiasts can build applications and web pages from scratch. The intuitive design makes sure there are no accommodation problems, while the support for multiple programming languages and corresponding auto-complete options make sure every second spent using it is not wasted.

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