EditPad Lite

Powerful and reliable general-purpose text editor that enables you to easily edit any kind of plain text file and create new text documents.

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EditPad Lite Description

EditPad Lite is a word processor that aims to replace the Notepad found in Windows.

This program can also be installed as a portable software. In this case, there will be no changes made to your registry keys. Also, you can place EditPad Lite on a removable drive and run its executable file on any computer.

The interface of the tool is familiar and easy to navigate through. So, you can use the undo and redo functions, cut or cut append, as well as copy or copy append text.

Furthermore, you can insert the date and time (current or other), delete or go to a line, go the previous or next editing position, as well as select the next or previous file.

Furthermore you can move a selected block to the left or right, insert a file or append text to one, sort alphabetically (from A to Z or viceversa), delete duplicate or blank lines, trim whitespace, and more.

The search function is pretty extensive. You can toggle the search panel, find the first, next, previous or last entry, find and replace text, highlight all occurrences of a word, instantly find the next or previous entry, count matches, configure various search options (e.g. regular expression, case sensitive, adapt case, line by line), and others.

In the “Options” menu you can enable auto indent and word wrap, change the font and text layout, enable EditPad Lite to be on top of other applications, configure file types, import and export preferences, and so on.

The word editor takes up a low-to-moderate amount of system resources, supports keyboard shortcuts and includes a complete help file. It seems that EditPad Lite is an excellent word processing tool that easily surpasses Notepad. We highly recommend it to all users.

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