Edimax IPCam Surveillance Software

Manage and configure available network cameras with minimum effort by turning to this handy application that features a comprehensive interface.

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Edimax IPCam Surveillance Software Description

If you own a personal surveillance system that consists of several network cameras, you have probably considered finding a solution that can help you manage them from a single place.

Fortunately, you can turn to specialized software, such as Edimax IPCam Surveillance Software, which can provide you with quick, satisfactory results.

Please note that in order for this tool to function as intended, you need to have supported Edimax network cameras.

Hassle-free installation

Installing this program on your computer can be done in a quick, effortless manner since you do not need to perform any complicated configuration step during its setup.

You only have to provide it with a valid destination path on your computer, toggle shortcut creation and follow the on-screen instructions available within the installer.

Comprehensive user interface

Edimax IPCam Surveillance Software comes with a stylish, user-friendly interface that encompasses numerous functions, which can be easily accessed directly from the main window.

Two configuration windows can be summoned by clicking the wrench-shaped button: one of them can be used to adjust camera-related settings while the other one enables you to modify more general parameters.

Manage multiple network cameras

You can turn to this program if you need an efficient way to connect to multiple network cameras simultaneously since this tool supports up to 16 devices.

Adding a camera can be accomplished by right-clicking an empty channel and providing the application with the necessary details. Among required information, you can find the name, username, password, IP address, web port and preferred video format.

Additional features

Aside from letting you access and monitor several network cameras at the same time, Edimax IPCam Surveillance Software also packs a series of extra functions.

For instance, it can play recorded videos, schedule recordings, enable motion-triggered recordings, send email messages when motion is detected and set passwords for enhanced protection.

Multiple network camera manager with extra functionality

To sum things up, Edimax IPCam Surveillance Software is a handy application that can help you connect to several network cameras at the same time and manage them with ease. It supports up to 16 devices, can play recorded videos, comes with motion-triggered recording options and can send email notifications whenever motion is detected.

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