EcoWeb Browser

A minimalistic web browser that is meant to assist beginners and experts alike in exploring their favorite webpages and bookmarking sites.

  • EcoWeb Browser
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Prestige IT

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EcoWeb Browser Description

Nowadays, there is a wide range of browsers that you can choose from, depending on the features you want in such apps.

There are suitable solutions for those looking for complexity, eye candy or customization options while other utilities are designed especially for those interested in simplicity and basic functions. EcoWeb Browser falls into the latter category.

Simplistic web browser

To benefit from the functions of this app, you first need to make sure .NET Framework 4.0 is already installed – otherwise, you need to take some time to complete this step before launching EcoWeb Browser.

The interface is kept as straightforward as possible, bordering on spartan, as you can simply enter a URL or rely on a search engine to find relevant websites.

Moreover, when it comes to opening new tabs, you cannot do it the traditional way (by right-clicking a link), instead you need to open the main menu and create tabs manually.

Handy development tools

In addition to exploring websites, manually adding bookmarks and reviewing the history, EcoWeb Browser also includes developer tools.

These allow you to examine a list with all the links from the current page, along with all the detected images. Additionally, you can also analyze the source code and search for certain strings via the well-known Ctrl+F (there is no other visible way to look for expressions or words).

No support for homepages or UI customization

On the downside, EcoWeb Browser does not allow you to set a custom website as your homepage, nor does it use the one set up in your default browser.

Also, it does not remember the pages you accessed last, so you need to open them again if you accidentally close the main window since there is no confirmation window.

Even if it comes with a simplistic UI, the app does not offer you the possibility to customize its looks, not even the colors or the fonts.

All in all, EcoWeb Browser might prove to be a nice utility once it receives more updates and new features. In the meantime, it is suitable only to beginners interested exclusively in very basic functions.

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