Collect weight data from electronic indicators and generate weighment slips for various types of vehicles, with this specialized software solution.

  • Version :1.5
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :ebiz infoserves

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EBIZ WEIGHBRIDGE SOFTWARE is a specialized program created to help companies collect vehicle weight information from electronic indicators. It works with various types of devices and allows you to generate reports.

Fairly straightforward installation procedure

Before anything else, it is worth noting that Microsoft Office is required for the program to function correctly, as well as a COM port for connecting the measurement device. The complete list of requirements can be found in the provided documentation.

Once you have followed the steps detailed by the installation wizard, you can navigate to the application’s path and launch the executable file. In order to test the software, you need to need to log in using the credentials listed in the installation guide.

Generate printable weighment slips

EBIZ WEIGHBRIDGE SOFTWARE enables you to create weighment slips using data received from electronic indicators, and keyboard shortcuts are available for several common operations.

The application allows you to backup important data, and you can also delete certain slips from the database, either individually or in batches.

Create a comprehensive database and change various program settings

You can customize the database by adding various parties, materials or suppliers, and the control panel can be accessed to modify various other program settings. It is possible, for instance, to select the printer type, create new users, customize fields, enter e-mail credentials and set up a CCTV IP camera.

Additionally, the application allows you to change the ticket settings by altering a series of parameters and selecting the desired font and text size.

Moreover, you can generate reports about parties, tickets, vehicles, users, materials or suppliers and print or export them to various document formats.

Overall, EBIZ WEIGHBRIDGE SOFTWARE is a software solution that can come to the aid of companies who need to generate weighment slips for vehicles using data obtained from purpose-built indicators. It features a somewhat outdated user interface, but it comes with adequate documentation.

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