Easy XML Editor

Edit existing XML scripts or create new ones through writing code directly or filling in value fields in a comfortable interface with options to also export as HTML.

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Easy XML Editor Description

Large functions are based on small scripts which gradually follow lines of code to perform requests. A common language to write scripts is XML, but for optimal editing operations you might want to use specialized applications like Easy XML Editor, being equipped with powerful tools, operations, and data processing.

Intuitive design quickly gets you up and running

Note that for the application to work you need to make sure that Java Runtime Environment is already on your computer. Setup takes a little while, and you’re able to take the application for a spin in no time at all.

You’re free to work on multiple projects at a time, each being opened in a different tab, which makes navigation comfortable. Additionally, large sections can be broken down into subviews, which merely splits the project in separate tabs, the new one containing the selected section.

Content management and advanced options

Editing can either be done through items, or direct code writing. Working with the first mode is pretty comfortable too. Upon selection, dedicated parameters and attributes are added in a side panel, with the possibility to also insert existing items.

A different section of the screen is used to display child nodes, table editor for all attributes, search tool which is fitted with various filters and option to replace, as well as history of operation in case the project is messed up too rough.

Character encoding makes it possible to write in different types of styles and standards. The options menu holds various configurations for entity manipulation, such as character replacement in code, or attributes, view options, colors used, as well as advanced encoding management. Apart from XML you’re also able to export your projects as HTML files.

To end with

All in all, Easy XML Editor does indeed manage to make XML file processing approachable by individuals of all levels of experience. Writing lines of code can be done in the regular way, or defining values through dedicated fields. The interface is packed with a variety of features, but intuitive enough to quickly get you up and running.

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