Easy PEF Converter

Convert RAW image files captured with various Pentax cameras to JPEG, GIF, BMP or TIFF, using this novice-friendly software utility.

  • Easy PEF Converter
  • Version : 2.3 Build 0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Mini Data Tools

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Easy PEF Converter Description

RAW files store image information captured directly from a digital camera’s sensor, without compressing the data or performing any adjustments. However, these images are not suitable for viewing or sharing, as they first need to be converted to other formats.

Easy PEF Converter is a straightforward software solution designed to help Pentax camera owners process PEF RAW files. It relies on an intuitive wizard and can convert pictures to several popular formats.

Easy-to-use application suitable for novices

First and foremost, you need to import the images you wish to process. To help you with this task, the application puts a handy file explorer at your disposal, which makes it easier to locate your photos.

The following steps are fairly straightforward, so even inexperienced users should be able to convert their pictures in no time at all. Additionally, the program can rename the output images automatically to avoid overwriting existing files.

Simple PEF converter that supports several output formats

While the program is very easy to use, it is also quite powerful. It is capable of processing numerous items at once, making it possible to convert all your photos in one go.

The application can export files to JPG, BMP, GIF or TIFF, popular picture formats that can be opened in pretty much any image viewer and shared easily. Additionally, you have the option of customizing the quality of the output images.

Resize your photos and correct lighting issues

If your pictures are too large, you can alter their dimensions while they are being processed, without having to use an additional editing tool.

Moreover, you can correct underexposed images, and the application can generate a demo file to make the modifications stand out.

Overall, Easy PEF Converter is a relatively simple utility that can help you process RAW images captured with Pentax cameras. It features an intuitive wizard-based interface and supports multiple output formats.

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