Easy PC Optimizer

Fix common OS issues, remove junk files, manage services and startup items, tweak your system and more, with this powerful and easy-to-use application.

  • Easy PC Optimizer
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Easy PC Optimizer Description

If your computer’s operating system has not been reinstalled for some time, your hard drive is likely to be filled with unnecessary junk files, and accumulated issues may be causing your PC to run slower than normal.

Easy PC Optimizer is a simple, novice-friendly application that can help you out in this scenario. It offers multiple tools for optimizing and cleaning your computer, as well as performing various tweaks.

Fix issues, clean junk data and optimize your Internet settings

The application can search for problems related to ActiveX objects, shared DLLs, invalid registry entries, file associations and more. Once the scan has been completed, you can specify which issues should be dealt with.

Easy PC Optimizer also enables you to regain used disk space by deleting temporary files, as well as browser cookies, history data and Internet cache. Alternatively, you can search for very large files that may be using up space for no reason.

Additionally, the program can check your Windows Internet settings and ensure they are suitable for your ISPs configuration.

Often, simply tweaking certain OS settings can help users with older PCs, and Easy PC Optimizer allows you to disable Windows features that have a significant resource impact.

Manage services, disable unneeded startup programs and defragment your registry

Easy PC Optimizer includes a module that allows you to keep an eye on all running processes and stop unnecessary ones or optimize them.

Moreover, the application displays all programs that are launched automatically when you start your computer, and you can disable any of them easily.

Lastly, the utility offers a helpful defragmentation tool that can optimize the Windows registry and reduce startup times.

Simple, user-friendly optimization utility

All in all, Easy PC Optimizer is certainly not an innovative application, but it provides you with an effective set of tools for tuning up your computer. It is very novice-friendly and features a minimalistic, intuitive interface.

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