EASEUS Partition Master Server

A partition solution and disk management software utility especially created for server users to help them resize and create partitions.

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EASEUS Partition Master Server Description

EASEUS Partition Master Server Edition provides system administrators with a tool for server performance maximization and partition management optimization. Supporting all modern Microsoft Windows Server products, this partition manager program can help you accomplish the tedious server tasks that may lay ahead.

EASEUS have earned their top place in the market through their product’s quality and EASEUS Partition Master Server Edition is one of their best. The technology behind it assures you of great results and minimization of server downtime through high speed execution of any given task.

Whether you are running the operating system on a classic MBR architecture or the latest GPT-enabled (GUID Partition Table) introduced in Windows 8 and Server 2012, EASEUS Partition Master Server Edition performs flawlessly. Its main features include solutions for partition creation, deletion, resizing, moving, merging, splitting, wiping or formatting.

IT administrators can also benefit from fast partition upgrades, migrations or copies through the disk / partition copy feature as well as partition recovery competent of getting back your data in shape. Extending the NTFS system partition of your server does not require a reboot, thus you benefit from greater uptime, while reconstruction of failed data within RAID systems is possible.

One click is all it takes for EASEUS Partition Master Server Edition to upgrade your system disk to a larger one. Adjacent partitions can also be quickly and easily merged without any loss of data for better management and wiser disk mapping. The selection of supported disks varies from older technologies such as Parallel ATA HDDs to newer eSATA HDDs and even removable devices.

EASEUS Partition Master Server Edition can be just the tool to help you with any server partition related issue you might come across. Supporting up to 32 disk drives and a plethora of solutions to your many tasks, EASEUS Partition Master Server Edition definitely does the best in achieving great results in the minimum possible time span.

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