EarMaster Pro

An application that aims to teach you how to recognize intervals, chord progressions and rhythm errors using multiple choice quizzes.

  • EarMaster Pro
  • Version :6.2 Build 655PW
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :EarMaster Aps

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EarMaster Pro Description

Aspiring musicians know how important a trained ear is when you want to create great music. Thus, learning how to play the guitar or any other instrument isn’t enough if you really want to be a professional artist.

EarMaster Pro is a program designed to help you practice one of the most important musical resources – the ear.

The software includes a wide range of exercises, as well as a personal teacher. For instance, you can train your ear to differentiate between two intervals or chords. Furthermore, the program includes tools to help you identify intervals, chords and scales.

Some rhythm-related exercises are also available, for reading, imitating, dictating and correcting the note combinations. As a bonus, the entire bulk of tests can help improve your note-reading skills.

As mentioned before, EarMaster Pro comes with two advanced tutors. Their level of complexity increases as you get better at the exercises. The “Standard Tutor” has over 400 lessons, while the “Jazz Tutor” has over 200 lessons with swing rhythms and jazz chords.

The program offers instant gratification by giving you immediate feedback on all the tasks. For example, the tones you enter are transcribed simultaneously on the staff and the on-screen instruments. Similarly, when you submit an answer, EarMaster lets you know if it is right or wrong.

The bottom line is that EarMaster Pro is a complex program that can be of great help to allmusicians. Inexperienced users should be able to easily figure out how to work with this software, thanks to its intuitive layout.

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