E-Nature CD / DVD Archiver

Get an accurate description and detailed information about any loaded CD or DVD with the help of this app that makes it easy for you to read all disc files.

  • E-Nature CD / DVD Archiver
  • Version :0.6 Build 26
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :E-Nature

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E-Nature CD / DVD Archiver Description

Imagine you need a certain file found on a specific CD or DVD. Now imagine you are the owner of a very large collection of discs and you have to go through dozens of them in order to find that exact file.

This would be totally counter-productive and it would require extensive amounts of time only when considering that you need to manually load each CD and DVD into your disc reader.

Makes it easy for you to index and find content from your CDs and DVDs

A simple solution to your problem is E-Nature CD / DVD Archiver. Basically, this application aims to help you gain a proper evidence of the content found on numerous CDs and DVDs.

In other words, this app makes it possible for you to read all the files from your optical storage discs and export them to a local database.

Does not require installation, but it does require Java to work

Assuming you already have Java installed on your computer, you can work with the application straight-out-of-the-box, as it doesn’t require any sort of installation. You can immediately start storing a list with all the files found on DVDs and CDs to your collection.

Once this is done, you can simply lookup any file previously added with the help of the app’s built-in and efficient search function.

Everything you need is found in the main window and always within arm’s reach

This means that you can easily search for any file you need within seconds and without having to actually load the CD or DVD into your computer’s optical disc reader.

The utility’s main window is devoid of bells and whistles, and it offers you the option to rename, add or remove DVDs and CDs to and from your collections, to export your collection to PDF, HTML and CSV, as well as clear the whole list.

Recommended to users with vast collections of optical storage discs

All in all, E-Nature CD / DVD Archiver is a lightweight and efficient app with the potential to save you a lot of time by making it easy for you to organize and index your CD or DVD collections.

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