DXF CNC Graphic Optimizer

Optimize 2D DXD graphics for CNC machines in order to improve their appearance and reduce processing time, with this easy-to-use application.

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DXF CNC Graphic Optimizer Description

DXF CNC Graphic Optimizer is an advanced and intuitive software solution that can help you optimize various types of graphic designs saved to DXF files. It is primarily intended to facilitate laser, plasma and waterjet cutting, but it has other potential uses as well.

Optimize logos, polyline and clip art graphics for CNC machines

The application is capable of smoothing contours, transforming splines and ellipses, removing double lines, deleting small elements, closing contour gaps and converting small lines to arcs.

The optimization process consists of a series of simple steps, and it is not at all complicated. The graphic can be analyzed after each modification, and the program even allows you to view the original DXF in the same window for comparison purposes.

Once you are pleased with the results, DXF CNC Graphic Optimizer enables you to export the file or print it directly. Moreover, you can also save the current profile and use it again at a later date.

Provides you with a handy user manual, example files and a video guide

First-time users may wish to start by loading one of the available sample files and trying out the application’s functions. The included documentation explains each of these in detail, and you can get a good idea of what can be achieved by processing the example files.

Additionally, the short but helpful video guide can teach you how to open, optimize and export a graphics file in less than a minute.

Features a minimalistic and somewhat outdated UI

The user interface is not particularly impressive, and it is worth noting that you cannot resize the main window. Nevertheless, users may appreciate the application’s simple, no-nonsense design.

Overall, DXF CNC Graphic Optimizer is a reliable utility that enables you to optimize DXF graphics and prepare them for laser, plasma or waterjet cutting. It is fairly simple to use, and it comes with adequate documentation, but it features a rather disappointing UI.

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