Duplicates Remover

Speedy and simple-to-use software application that aims to remove all duplicates from large dataset text, while keeping the original lines.

  • Duplicates Remover
  • Version :1.00
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Nullox

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Duplicates Remover Description

Duplicates Remover is a simple-to-use piece of software that enables you to remove duplicate lines from large-sized plain text documents (TXT files). It does not come bundled with complex features or configuration parameters, so it can be handled by anyone, even newcomers in the computer software community.

Simple installation and interface

The setup procedure does not take a long time to finish. As far as the interface is concerned, Duplicates Remover opts for a small, plain-looking window with clear-cut options. It does not include any other settings aside from what’s visible here.large-sized

So, you can point out a plain text document with the help of the file browser (drag-and-drop is not supported), start the duplicates removal procedure, and then indicate the saving directory and file name. Luckily, Duplicates Remover does not overwrite existing files or save changes to the original ones. There are no other noteworthy options available here.

Evaluation and conclusion

The app finishes tasks quickly and without popping up errors; it keeps the first occurrence of a line and eliminates the remaining duplicates. However, it also removes all blank lines and does not provide users with the option to exclude them, which means that all lines are merged in the output files. What’s more, we have noticed that it deletes the last line of a document as well, whether it has duplicates or not. Users should resort to more reliable apps that provide the same functionality.

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