Duplicate Text Finder

Identify and delete large ANSI text files from your computer and eliminate them in a matter of seconds using this simple and straightforward app.

  • Duplicate Text Finder
  • Version :3.00
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Hermetic Systems

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Duplicate Text Finder Description

As its name suggests, Duplicate Text Finder is an application designed to help you identify exact matches of text files and documents that you might be storing in various locations on your computer.

Outdated, but neatly organized interface

After a quick and uneventful setup, you are welcomed by an intuitive and unpolished GUI. In spite of its looks, the program comes with a well-structured and uncluttered interface that displays the functions, features and some helpful tips.

In the upper section, you can specify the folders that the app should computer and the type of duplicate files you are looking for. On a side note, the application works with TXT and DOCX files solely and it would be nice if it supported other types of file formats as well. You can preview the results of the analysis in the dedicated panel in the lower section of the GUI.

The app also displays different values and parameters that you might find useful, such as the number of words in test segment and the threshold for similarity for instance, in the upper section. This is also the region where you can reset the current session, clear the input data, swap the folders and copy the results to clipboard.

Could use a deletion function

Even though it provides you with valuable results, the application does not allow you to take any action. It would have been nice if it allowed you to access the folders and delete the duplicate files.

At the same time, the functionality is slightly counter-intuitive, especially since you need to load two folders for comparison reasons. Then again, let us not forget that the idea behind the program is to find files that are exactly the same, while skipping those that have matches. It is important to note that this only entails that you should not expect to find files that have slight modifications in the header, for example.

A tool for finding dupe text files

All in all, if your work entails managing batches of files and you want to be certain that they are free of duplicates, then perhaps Duplicate Text Finder could lend you a hand.

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