Duplicate File Finder Plus

A useful and intuitive application that scans your entire computer or certain drives and displays file duplicates, so you can identify and remove them.

  • Duplicate File Finder Plus
  • Version :6.0 Build 033
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :TriSun Software Inc

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Duplicate File Finder Plus Description

There are situations when you are running out of disk space and in mostly all cases, you are tempted to enlarge your disk capacity by adding additional extra space.

However, temporary folders and junk files that make room inside your system are amongst the few reasons why your computer will warn you about low space on specific partitions.

Another trouble that you might encounter with your disk space is because of the huge amount of duplicate files and folders stored into your computer.

Analyzing and removing them manually might become a strenuous job for some of us and here is where Duplicate File Finder Plus comes in handy.

Designed with ease of use in mind, Duplicate File Finder Plus enables you to scan specific folders and partitions and remove all the duplicate files.

Because it sorts the results by file size in a descending order, you can quickly find the duplicate files on your partitions relied on file content. Simply specify the drives or the folders you want to be scanned, then quickly preview the found files.

The main feature that makes the application to stand out is that it compares the files based on the content, not file name, so you can rest assured that you get accurate results, no matter the size of the folder you are scanning.

What’s more, Duplicate File Finder Plus enables you to perform common actions for the checked files such as moving them to Recycle Bin, viewing the properties or simply opening the current file location.

Considering all of the above, Duplicate File Finder Plus proves to be a reliable and effective solution when it comes to scanning your partitions and removing all the duplicate files based on their content.

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