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Find duplicate files on your hard drive, delete them and recover valuable disk space, with the help of this user-friendly application.

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Duplicate Cleaner Store App Description

Even if you take great care in organizing your files, it is likely that many duplicate items are present on your hard drive, using up disk space for no reason. However, they are not easy to find without a specialized tool to help you out.

Duplicate Cleaner is an intuitive application that makes this task a lot easier, as it can scan various locations on your PC and find identical files that are stored more than once. The program is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, but it offers a fairly limited number of features.

Free up valuable disk space by removing unnecessary files

Duplicate Cleaner offers two operating modes, making it possible to launch a scan using the default settings or perform a more in-depth analysis.

If running a quick scan, you only need to specify where the application should look, but advanced users can also select the desired file types, as well as determine which parameters the program should consider.

Unfortunately, the filtering options offered by the application are very limited, as you cannot exclude specific formats and limit the search to files that fall within a user-defined size range or have not been accessed for a certain amount of time.

Easy-to-use duplicate remover designed with novices in mind

After the program has completed a scan, it displays the results and lets you choose which of the listed files should be deleted.

If you do not have a lot of experience with computers, Duplicate Cleaner may just be the application for you. It can help you locate and remove duplicate files in a few simple steps, and it offers helpful instructions along the way.

However, users who wish to perform a thorough scan might want to try a more complex application, as they may not be happy with the limited number of filtering options that are available.

Straightforward application that can help you clean up your drives

Overall, Duplicate Cleaner is a simple, easy-to-use program that enables you to locate and remove identical files that are using up valuable disk space for no reason. It is very novice-friendly and can complete a job in no time at all, but it offers only a basic set of features.

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