Scan your computer’s storage for duplicate items and delete them in a few simple steps, with this straightforward piece of software.

  • DupFinder
  • Version :1.0.1 Beta
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :dupfinder.com

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DupFinder Description

More and more users are switching to solid-state drives, some even discarding their old HDDs altogether. In any case, making the most of the storage space at your disposal is preferable, which is why a duplicate cleaner is a good thing to have at hand.

DupFinder is a user-friendly application that can find duplicate files that are taking up valuable disk space unnecessarily. It is not capable of cleaning these items automatically, but it does make the task of deleting them quite a bit simpler.

Perform a thorough scan using multiple filters

The first step consists of selecting the folders that should be scanned, and you can add as many as you wish, but you cannot specify whether or not subdirectories should be taken into consideration.

Next, you can enter the file extensions that should be included or excluded, as well as set the maximum and minimum file size. However, these settings cannot be saved in order to run the same job again at a later date.

Easy-to-use application that lacks some important features

The duplicate search was completed quite quickly during out tests, even when scanning an entire drive. Unfortunately, though, you cannot specify which parameters should be considered when identifying files as duplicates.

Also, the application cannot mark files for deletion automatically, which means that you have to go through each entry manually and select the items that should be removed.

Novice-friendly duplicate cleaner that keeps things simple

DupFinder’s straightforward layout and user-friendly design should be appreciated, as the program should not prove challenging even when used by novices.

Overall, this is a handy utility that can help you free up valuable disk space by finding files that are stored in more than one location on your hard drive. It does its job quite well, and it is very novice-friendly, but it lacks some important functions, and it cannot clean duplicates automatically.

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