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Find duplicate files on your computer or network and determine how they should be handled, by using this comprehensive application.

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Dup Scout Ultimate Description

Dup Scout Ultimate is a professional software application whose purpose is to help you detect duplicate files that are stored in your computer and delete them in order to free up some space on the disk. This file management utility is able to clean up duplicate files from disks, directories, network shares, or NAS storage devices.

Intuitive layout

Although it comes bundled with many dedicated parameters for tweaking the scanning process, the tool boasts a clean feature lineup.

You are allowed to create multiple profiles with their own configuration settings and rules for detecting duplicate items. You may also view general information about each detected duplicate item, such as filename, number of duplicates, size, and space occupied on the disk.

Creating a new profile

Dup Scout Ultimate gives you the possibility to build a new profile by specifying the name and selecting the directories or network share, all computer’s hard disks, servers or NAS devices, or all servers on network. There are several advanced parameters for helping you specify the processing threads and select the performance mode (full, medium, or low speed).

Plus, you may set up rules to process files matching a certain criterion (e.g. search files with a custom size, file attributes, or HEX pattern), create exclusion lists, as well as select the removing action for the original files (the oldest or newest), namely replace them with shortcuts or hard links, move them to a custom directory, as well as delete or compress duplicates.

You may execute the selected profile, delete, edit, or rename it, and export the settings bundled into a profile to a file for uploading them in your future projects.

Filters, charts, reports, and fast performance

Dup Scout Ultimate enables you to sort the scanning results by size, extension, creation or modification time or date, last accessed date or time, username, or file type.

You may check the pie or bars charts which provide information about the size occupied by the duplicate items, and print the charts or copy them to the clipboard. The program also lets you save the duplicate file reports to HTML, PDF, CSV, XML, or plain text file format.

Other important features worth being mentioned are represented by the possibility to detect long file names, Unicode file names, and UNC Network path names, integrate data within the SQL database, analyze duplicate files per host or user, check duplicate file history charts, as well as perform powerful command-line operations.

During our testing we have noticed that Dup Scout Ultimate carries out the searching process very quickly. It is quite friendly with system resources, so the overall performance of the computer is not hampered.

An overall efficient file management utility

All in all, Dup Scout Ultimate proves to be a reliable application that comes packed with powerful and intuitive functions for helping you identify duplicate items.

There are also several other versions of the program, namely Free, Pro, and Server but they are not as rich in settings as the Ultimate version, except for the Server one, which lets you run the program as a service using a web-based management interface.

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