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A powerful, fast and easy-to-use duplicate files search server.

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Dup Scout Server Description

Duplicate files can be created on your computer even without you realizing it. They have no use, other than taking up precious disk space, that if you will take the time to add, depending on the file types, you will be surprised to see that they take quite a lot.

Luckily, there is a way to spot these files and make them as good as gone, with the use of utilities like DupScout.

A web based application

This utility is designed to do run multiple tasks, and not all of them on one computer. You are able to scan from a distance, however the target must be connected to the same network as the host.

Before starting the actual task you are given the option to choose where searching should be done, on your computer, or even all servers on the network. In addition, it is a neat utility to clean up duplicate files from NAS storage devices.

Rich variety of options

DupScout puts a great pallet of settings at your disposal. Before you start seeking out duplicate files you may choose to exclude entire directories, to save up time, or for instance only certain types. Schedules can be made for periodic search and removal, to keep your computer a little cleaner. After a task is complete, you may issue a report to view file types that were found, and in what percentage they take up space on your hard disk drive.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration we can say that DupScout can be yet another reliable cleaning utility that proves to be useful to have around. It does not take up much space, nor system requirements, and with the help of its scheduler, you can rest assured that from time to time, you computer will be checked and cleaned.

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