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Search for duplicate files in local folders, network shared directories, and the company’s storage devices with this intuitive application.

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Dup Scout Enterprise Description

Duplicate files end up occupying storage space without a reason and clutter your system so removing them is a maintenance task that you and any computer user should carry out, more so when the PC is part of an enterprise environment.

Dup Scout Enterprise is one of the applications that can provide a helping hand in this regard, providing various choices to handle duplicate content on a workstation both efficiently and quickly.

Create multi-theaded tasks for duplicate searching

The Dup Scout Enterprise client is the tool that can assist you in creating duplicate searching tasks, named ‘commands’. A command can analyze local directories or network shared locations and even entire computer hard drives. Furthermore, it can target servers in the local network and NAS devices.

Selecting the target location is enough to create a command but you can take the time to configure all the other options if you want to be more thorough. In fact, Dup Scout Enterprise displays a lot of options you can tamper with, one of the most important ones being the number of threads allocated to dupe file searching or directory scanning.

Prior to starting a new search, you can customize the matching criteria to filter the search results. For instance, you can instruct Dup Scout Enterprise to look for files in a certain category, whose names contain a specific text, which have a defined size, and so on.

Built-in scheduler, reports, and statistics

Thanks to the integrated scheduler, you can run tasks periodically with Dup Scout Enterprise without having to create them on the spot. Periodic jobs are started automatically, without requiring user intervention.

For each task it runs, Dup Scout Enterprise generates a complete report that contains information about the largest duplicate files. The data is presented in a separate window, in a table that can be easily categorized and filtered. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, Dup Scout Enterprise can also generate a disk space chart by file extension.

Manage duplicate content the way you need to

Viewing a list of duplicate files serves for nothing if you cannot manage them efficiently. That is why Dup Scout Enterprise allows you to replace duplicates with shortcuts or hard links, move them altogether in another folder, compress them, or just delete them.

Dup Scout Enterprise also logs errors in its scanning, and can be configured to send the reports to your email, along with the status of the running task. Alternatively, all the statistical data about its search can be exported to a database, provided the correct ODBC configuration is filled in.

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