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Easily translate texts on-the-fly with this quick and efficient application that offers clipboard, OCR or text file input translations.

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DualClip Translator Description

Translating texts and contents that are listed in foreign languages can be a tricky task and oftentimes, users might resort to complex software solutions. One must first copy the preferred text, input it in the translation software and then preview the results. Nevertheless, there packages that offer other approaches and one of them is DualClip Translator. It will allow people to easily translate text files, copied clipboard text or screen captured content with its OCR capabilities.

Unobtrusive, tray area application that will employ several useful translation features

Featuring no installation process whatsoever and a quick initialization, DualClip Translator will be readily available in users’ tray area. From its icon, one will be able to easily open text documents for translations, save the translated content or access its preferences module.

Relying on the Google Translate engine, the application will allow one to indicate the location for the preferred text documents by navigating using its internal browser. Afterwards, in just a few moments, it will provide the translated content, in the Windows Notepad.

Make text translation an easy task by using this prompt and responsive application

For those who efficiency and speed is a concern, the application offers several extra features that might be appreciated by them. For instance, it will allow people to directly translate the clipboard text, which will then be displayed either in a text editor or a tray area balloon notification.

Additionally, when images or other types of media contain the preferred text, the utility’s OCR module will allow one to perform a screen capture and then preview the translated text with the same means. On our tests, the application provided quick and efficient feedback for the translation and this could make it a reliable choice for such undertakings.

Valuable translator app that will empower users with simple yet efficient translation tools

For those who seek an easy way of translating various texts without too much hassle, this utility could be a great choice. It will provide them with the means to translate text documents, clipboard content or even OCR screenshots of the preferred images. Boasting a responsive handling and efficient action, DualClip Translator could be a solid choice for quick translations.

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