Simulates a digital signal processor to help you understand how it works, with sampling and filtering options for analog signals.

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DSP Lab Description

A DSP, short for Digital Signal Processor, is a type of microprocessor specifically designed to allow the real time processing of digital signals. If you are curious to know more, then the Internet is surely the most fitted source of information. And after you read about it, working with a tool such as DSP Lab can help you understand how this microprocessor works even better.

Visualize data about the time domain and the frequency

DSP Lab enables you to visualize the evolution of its response and the audio frequency in color-coded graphs that are easy to read, both for the time domain and the frequency. You can experiment with the parameters of a DSP system, and the application will automatically update the graphs as soon as you make a change.

With both sampling and filtering capabilities, DSP can handle sine, square, triangular and sawtooth analog sources, also allowing you to tamper with the default amplitude of the signal, its frequency, and its duty cycle. The sampling rate is also customizable, as is the range and the analog-to-digital converter.

Customize filtering options and check out what happens

Applying signal filters is also possible. There are three filters you can configure, with various options in a drop-down list to choose the filter type. Once the cutoff frequency and the filter size are defined, the filter impulse response graph is generated for the current filter.

DSP Lab displays information about the peak, the average and the signal frequency in a separate table, also highlighting the results once filters are applied.

Understand the DSP system without too much assistance

While it would be great to have an extensive documentation containing detailed explanations on how to read the graphs, what a DSP system does and how it works, DSP Lab is a handy utility if you want to get an overview of how the digital signal processor works. Too bad data exporting is not possible.

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