Monitor DSL connections with Broadcom-based routers or modems using graphs and exporting the generated charts to a local folder for later reference.

  • DSLstats
  • Version: 6.0.2
  • License :GPL
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Eric Chapman

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DSLstats Description

DSLstats is a lightweight network monitoring tool designed specifically for helping you monitor DSL connections with Broadcom-based routers or modems. The tool is able to display graphs for the SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) margin, connection speed, bit-loading statistics and other Telnet data details.

Supported router types

It works with various types of routers, such as D-Link, Dynalink, Huawei, NetGear, Zyxel and any other Broadcom-based modem or router with a functional Telnet interface. It also supports some Thomson/Technicolor routers via their custom CLI but not all the program’s features are available.

User interface

DSLstats sports a multi-tabbed layout that gives you the possibility to monitor multiple graphs and statistics pretty easily thanks to the multi-tabbed layout. You can keep an eye on the SNR margin, SNRM per band, connection speed, tones, QLN, HLog, stats, Telent data and event log.

There’s also support for a rich-featured set of configuration settings. Each graph can be saved by taking a snapshot of the current view and exporting the image to a custom folder on your disk. You may start, stop or pause the monitoring process.

Configuring a login process

The application gives you the possibility to set up a new router model by picking the modem/router type from a drop-down list and providing details about the IP address, Telnet authentication parameters (login name and password), shell and CLI commands. In addition, you may reset the configuration data with a single click and reveal the password.

You can also make use of a special login mode that requires more steps to reach the BusyBox shell by specifying the IP address and Telnet port, and adding a delay before login commands.

General configuration settings

DSLstats gives you the possibility to alter the graphs using various configuration parameters (e.g. you may change the color of the background, upstream and downstream data, SNR per tone, as well as traffic limit), and select the items that you want to monitor (e.g. SNR margin, connection speed, CRC errors, bit-loading, SNR per tone, CRC errors).

What’s more, you can choose the snapshot saving directory, automatically save text pages and graphs, automatically save all active graphs upon exit, display the event log, automatically restart the recording process after a pause of certain minutes, and set up email alerts and log the notifications in case of various events, such as SNRM falls below a certain value and CRC rises above a custom value.

Last but not least, you are allowed to set up traffic monitoring parameters (e.g. select the command and interface, monitor traffic, show a limit value on the monthly traffic chart), enable a web server, upload data to your MyDSLWebStats account, and tweak advanced features.

An overall powerful network monitoring tool

All in all, DSLstats comes with a reliable and comprehensive suite of features for helping you keep an eye on DSL connections. It is suitable especially for advanced users as the multitude of configuration parameters may be too much for a rookie.

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