Droid Manager

Designed to be a near complete ADB front end including various tools for quick and easy achievement of best results in any Android-related task.

  • Droid Manager
  • Version :6.3.1
  • License :Shareware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Omar Bizreh

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Droid Manager Description

Droid Manager addresses a particular segment of Android devices owners, namely the true software connoisseurs. This is the kind of Android user that just cannot help it not to interfere with the software of the device and always looks for ways of improving the overall experience.

We can consider them to be Android tuners that have sworn to break this operating system down to bits and customize it so it successfully meets if not surpasses the expectations. Such users are constantly on the look-out for intelligent software capable of lending a helping hand when it comes to tampering with Android devices.

Droid Manager provides a toolkit that brings an impressive set of utilities to the workbench. Utilizing Droid Manager, you can accomplish not one or two operations but several within the “boundaries” of a sole application. You can rapidly perceive this as soon as you launch the program and the ‘Start Up’ screen welcomes you.

The fact that you can do so much even before actually starting the application is completely bewildering. You can choose to backup and restore tweaks, access custom ROM tools as well as WiFi and Boot.img tools. Once you enter the main interface window of Droid Manager, you are presented the various section of the program including the File / App / Build.prop / Init.d manager.

Each and every area holds quite an impressive array of options that makes almost any imaginable job both approachable and achievable at the same time. It’s like diving into a pool of possibilities with little to no chance at all to start a task and not successfully wrap it up.

With Droid Manager, the developer really lends an ear to the community and its requests as well as the feedback and continuously delivers better support, improved methods and even new features to create the complete toolkit for Android enthusiasts all over the world. We are definitely recommending Droid Manager for any Android related job you might come across.

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