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Manage your company’s schedule, students, instructors and costs, generate useful reports and more, with this specialized application.

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Driving School Professional Description

Eventually, any growing business needs to invest in a specialized software solution to help them with various administrative tasks, and driving schools are no different. Keeping track of bookings, students and finances is not easy, but there are applications out there that can help you out.

One of them is Driving School Professional, a useful program designed to simplify the administration process. It enables you to manage student records, set up bookings, calculate costs and generate comprehensive reports.

Microsoft Access-based program that features a minimalistic user interface

First of all, it is worth noting that Microsoft Office Access Runtime needs to be installed on your PC in order to run Driving School Professional.

The user interface is not particularly impressive, but it has a fairly straightforward layout. If all you care about is functionality, this application should do the job just fine.

Manage employees, customers, bookings and costs

Driving School Professional enables you to store information about all your students and instructors in a detailed database, and you can easily keep track of each student’s progress or see when an employee is unavailable.

The application makes it a lot simpler to manage your schedule, as you can store all your bookings and ensure you always know when a certain instructor is busy, where a student needs to be picked up from and how much each lesson costs.

Generate useful reports with minimal effort

Driving School Professional allows you to create printable reports with just a few mouse clicks. These can include all your bookings, the schedule for the next few days or a detailed revenue report.

Additionally, a bookings graph is displayed in the main window, and you can consult it to view, at a glance, how many appointments are scheduled each day.

Overall, Driving School Professional is a helpful software solution that makes it easier for administrators to manage their business. It is relatively easy to use, and it offers a decent set of tools, but it features a rather outdated user interface.

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