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Create a versatile storage pool to store your files from local or network shared drives, RAID and NAS devices using this software solution.

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Drive Bender Description

If you keep a lot of critical data on your computer, but dread the idea of handling multiple internal and external drives, then perhaps it is time to consider storage pools. As you probably already hinted, the idea here is to consolidate multiple storage devices so that they look like a single drive.

Drive Bender is a user-friendly application that enables you to duplicate and merge internal and external drives into a single one where you can store the backups music, movies, tracks and other personal stuff.

Comes with a wizard that simplifies the storage pool creation

The utility comes with a sleek, fresh and user-friendly interface that can guide you through your first steps to creating a storage pool. Consequentially, if you never used a pool drive tool before, you can just follow the indications provided by the wizard. The other options available include merging, deleting, repairing or restoring the pools from the connected drives.

Granted, the wizard makes things simple especially since it provides so many details regarding the options available. On the other hand, it would have been helpful if the application included more documentation or a help guide.

Includes SMART attributes integration for drive management

The utility packs several powerful drive management features, including a log that allows you to verify what the application is doing. In case you need the pool for more than simple storage, then you will be happy to learn to that the tool includes advanced options for extra tweaking, namely CRC validation, performance enhancement for certain files and monitoring your drives via SMART technology.

Some power users might argue that it does not raise up to the speed of an extended drive created via a RAID controller. Even though it is not RAID, the app enables you to expand your drive space without having to crack your machine or spend time configuring the controller.

A versatile alternative to extending your storage efficiently

All in all, Drive Bender provides you with a simpler solution to expand your storage space and manage all internal and external devices from a single location without sophisticated setups and configurations.

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