DrawPad Graphic Editor

A lightweight and user-friendly graphics editor that allows you to create images from scratch or modify existing ones according to your needs.

  • DrawPad Graphic Editor
  • Version : 3.05 / 3.08 Beta
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :NCH Software

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DrawPad Graphic Editor Description

DrawPad Graphic Editor is a tool that is especially designed to be a simple to use drawing application.

It displays a user-friendly interface and places all its tools and functions in plain sight. From the main window you are able to access the drawing tools, effects and layers. With DrawPad Graphic Editor you can create new images with a custom dimension and resolution, but you can also open images from your computer and modify them.

DrawPad Graphic Editor supports image formats such as PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, PDF and SVG. This makes it a practical application for nearly all scenarios since those are the most commonly used formats.

The drawing application offers you just the standard tools for your projects. You get to use pencil, rectangle, hexagon, circle, triangle, text, eraser and brush tools. For the pencil and brush you can set the thickness which comes in handy when you need to draw certain details. You can also select from a number of brushes for which you are able to set the hardness and opacity.

A great feature that is present in DrawPad Graphic Editor is the use of layers. This allows you to create complex drawings from multiple elements which you can then individually modify as needed. Regardless of the layer use, all the elements you add to the drawing (rectangles, text, brushes, etc), can be selected and their shape and characteristics changed at anytime.

Apart from the standard drawing tools, DrawPad Graphic Editor offers some basic effects as well. You can use fill, drop shadow and bevel/emboss to enhance the look of your projects.

In closing DrawPad Graphic Editor is a nice tool to have around when you’re looking to create a quick sketch or add various annotations to an image. It’s best suited for beginners since the advanced user might not like the absence of a simple shortcut for the “Undo” command.

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