Seamlessly download your favorite videos from YouTube to your computer as MP3 or in several multimedia formats using this straightforward tool.

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DownloaderPro Description

While it is true that YouTube’s streaming is outstanding as it offers the best quality to suit your current connection, unfortunately, it does not account for the times when you may not have access to the Internet. DownloaderPro is a lightweight piece of software that allows you to download clips from YouTube so that you can also enjoy them offline.

Appealing, well-structured and intuitive interface

The setup is quick, forthright and requires minimal attention from your part. Upon launch, you come face to face by a modern and fresh UI that also provides you with basic instructions on how to use the software.

Therefore, if you want to download specific videos that you and your friends know for your next party for instance, you can add the direct link from YouTube. Alternatively, if you just want to create a list of clips to enjoy during your next trip to a location where you have no Internet connection, then you might as well use keywords.

Allows you to download clips in various formats

It is worth mentioning that before you download the video, you can find out various data about it, such as the title, artist, album or genre. Although the data might be very useful for when you are grabbing music, it may be slightly redundant when it comes to downloading other types of videos.

Speaking of downloads, the program enables you to convert the video to a simple MP3 file, an option that is handy when you are low on space. Then again, if storage space is not an issue for you, then you can download the file as video in small, medium 300p, medium 360p and HD 720p format.

A straightforward tool for downloading YouTube videos

In spite of the fact that it would be helpful if it included more video formats, DownloaderPro is an easy to use and intuitive utility that enables you to grab and enjoy clips from YouTube in a multimedia or simple audio format.

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