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Transfer images from your card reader or camera to your PC at the touch of a button, renaming and storing them accordingly with this tool.

  • Downloader Pro
  • Version : 2.4.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Breeze Systems

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Downloader Pro Description

As the widespread of the digital cameras unleashed the hidden photographer in most of us, it is only natural that many are taking pictures by the hundreds. Since reviewing them on the small screen on the back of your camera is not the best option, your best bet would be to upload them to your computer.

Downloader Pro is a tool that provides you with a quick way to transfer images to your PC while renaming and organizing them neatly into folders at the same time.

Activate thumbnails view to double check the photos you transfer

Following a quick and straightforward setup, you are welcomed by a clean and user-friendly interface that prompts you to specify the image source. Therefore, simply connect the camera to your computer via a card reader or DCF compatibility and add its media storage as the source to view its content.

The images and other files for that matter are processed in a matter of seconds and displayed as a list in the larger right panel. The UI comes with a smaller left panel that organizes the photos included using the date criteria, which may not always be relevant since the EXIF can be corrupted or incorrectly registered due to various reasons.

If you are unsure whether the set of pictures you want to transfer are the right ones, then you can switch to small or large thumbnails view to confirm.

Set renaming rules for the files that you are moving

As you probably hinted, downloading photos, in this case, entails transferring them from the cameras’ media storage to the HDD of your computer. You can configure the path and set up the rules for renaming the files from the Preferences window.

You will be happy to learn that the tool supports various renaming tokens that you can take the time to configure and hence, avoid replacing pictures with similar names. More precisely, you can add a prefix, include the date and time or use the date plus six-digit sequence number, for instance, to the original filename.

A useful application for anyone using multiple digital cameras

Regardless of whether you are a professional photographer who covers various events and you want to avoid duplicate filenames or you are want to sort out the photos taken by your family members during their vacations, Downloader Pro could lend you a hand.

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