Search your computer for similar pictures and examine them, using their contrast, color, metadata or size as comparison criteria.

  • DoublePics-Cockpit
  • Version :5.0016.0520.00135 RTM
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :croll Viewport

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DoublePics-Cockpit Description

DoublePics-Cockpit is a practical picture analyzer that allows you to scan folders for identical photos.

Search for similarities in pictures

Anyone who works intensively with photos and must compare pictures can benefit from the advantages of DoublePics-Cockpit. It uses various smart searching algorithms that can save you a lot of time and optimize the working process.

The main interface is divided into several intuitive windows that offer you the possibility to easily access the files you need and their information. In case the GUI seems overcrowded, you can hide any window or adjust its size, in order to create a cleaner working space.

Compare the color differences in photos or video frames

When it comes to the actual comparison, there are several methods you can choose from. If you want to perform a quick search, you can use the MD5 module to only scan the hash code. If you want a more thorough search and even the slightest difference in color to be taken into consideration, you can set the tolerance level to minimum. The results can be flagged and grouped together, in order to easily work with them.

DoublePics-Cockpit can compare files that have multiple pages, such as TIFFs and GIFs. The application scans each page separately, as if it is an individual file.

With DoublePics-Cockpit you can also detect and analyze movies inside a folder. The comparison can target all frames or entire sections of the files.

Detect both similar or identical images

By fine-tuning the scan parameters, the application can detect similar pictures, despite the fact that they are not identical. This feature makes DoublePics-Cockpit to stand out, because it can recognize similar photos not only by scanning the file’s properties, but by using intelligent identification techniques to compare content. Overall, DoublePics-Cockpit is a versatile tool that should be given a chance.

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