DotNetLibs Secure SFTP Library for .NET

SFTP component for .NET framework that can help you download, upload or manage files from your applications using SFTP protocols.

  • DotNetLibs Secure SFTP Library for .NET
  • Version:1.2
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:DotNetLibs

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DotNetLibs Secure SFTP Library for .NET Description

Nowadays, many applications need to offer support for file management and file transfers between several devices, and developers often look to existing components that can help them integrate this functionality into their software.

DotNetLibs Secure SFTP Library for .NET is a component designed to enable data uploads and downloads, as well as remote file management, from .NET Framework-based applications.

This particular library is a part of the DotNetLibs collection of components for desktop and mobile platforms. The entire set of libraries can be purchased together, but you also have the option of buying each component separately.

DotNetLibs Secure SFTP Library for .NET can be integrated into your own software, and it makes it possible to transfer files using SFTP protocols. It is written in managed code and works with .NET, .NET CF, Mono, Xamarin iOS, Android, UWP and Windows Phone.

Among the features on offer, we can mention IPv6, UTF-8, SSH v2, SFTPv3 and v4 support, transfer progress monitoring, transfer speed limiting, ZLIB compression and stream support.

The downloadable package comes with all the libraries included in the DotNetLibs collection, and you can try out the ones you are interested in. Also available are sample applications for various platforms, as well as quick start samples and detailed documentation.

System requirements

  • .NET Framework 3.x or 2.x

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