Doszip Commander

Easily manage and organize your files and folders from various partitions, sort the documents and create new archives, as convenient.

  • Doszip Commander
  • Version : 3.50
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :H. Nidudsson

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Doszip Commander Description

Doszip Commander is a terminal-based file manager that includes data compression and de-compression capabilities.

The application does not require to be installed and it can be easily launched immediately after the extraction from the downloaded archive.

Dual-panel management in a terminal screen

Being a console-based application Doszip Commander is better handled via the keyboard, although the developer integrated mouse support, too.

Handling the files is done through a dual-pane screen that makes available the most frequently used file operations, together with their keyboard shortcuts, in the lower part of the window.

These include copying and moving the selected entry as well as deleting, viewing or editing it. Also available is the possibility to create a new folder.

As far as the compression and decompression abilities are concerned, they benefit from their own hotkeys, too, and there is also the option to create an archive.

File management functionality

Despite looking rather feature-deprived, Doszip Commander brings to the table functions slightly beyond the basic needs.

As such, the tool sports options for searching for a particular entry in the currently opened folder, checking the properties of a selected file or comparing the entries in two folders.

It offers information about the selected file, which includes the size of the item as well as the date and time of the last modification.

Details about the drive inform of the file system used and the amount of free space available and the total size of the volume.

A configuration panel allows customizing the file manager so that it works as intended by the user.

Console-based file manager with compression capabilities

Doszip Commander is not a file manager for the beginner user, although it is not difficult to handle. It makes available useful file management functions but it lacks more elaborate options that would make it suitable for more advanced users.

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