Dooble Portable

Access your favorite websites and online services in a matter of seconds but without having to worry about security too much via this fast and intuitive web browser.

  • Dooble Portable
  • Version :1.56c
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :The Dooble Team

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Dooble Portable Description

If you want to enjoy everything that the Internet has to offer it’s best to install a browser on the computer. Dooble Portable is a nice tool that was designed for this purpose.

The app has a simple interface that is similar to most other browsers on the market. This means that it should be easy to handle by all users.

The app comes with tab support, which means that you can open multiple websites in the same window. Also, the app sports a bar that holds several buttons, such as backwards and forward, refresh, as well as “Home” and “Dooble Desktop”.

The latter opens up a page that lets you browse for various files on the computer. These are listed with several details, such as the name, size, type, date modified, date accessed and permissions.

A security pass phrase can be created for the browser. This means that no one else can access it, unless they get the right combination of words. The 16-character password can be set from the “Safe” area of the browser settings.

The way the program looks can be modified as well. For instance, you can select the web fonts that you want it to use, as well as a theme. The app can be set to open up multiple pages at startup. In order for this to happen, you simply have to fill in the URLs for these in the “Home” area of the browser’s settings.

Since the program is completely portable, it doesn’t need to be installed to the computer and can be launched from all types of removable devices, such as flash drives. Furthermore, the browser shouldn’t leave any traces in the Windows Registry.

All in all, Dooble Portable is a nice tool that brings several great features. Less experienced users should find it easy to handle, thanks to the intuitive layout.

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