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Safeguard your Excel spreadsheets by converting them to a binary format that prevents the workbook from being copied from one computer to the other.

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DoneEx XCell Compiler Description

Without denying that Excel spreadsheets are excellent tools for storing financial and statistical data, you also have to account for a protection method of protecting that prevents the info from ending up in the wrong hands.

DoneEx XCell Compiler is a small, yet powerful application that allows you to compile XLS spreadsheets to password protected executable files.

Comes with VBA code protection

Generally speaking, Excel workbooks are designed to store information in binary format, an approach that ensures formulas that include less than 8,000 characters are saved properly. Not only does this make reading and writing faster, but they are excellent for your large spreadsheets.

Since the formulas can be accessed via the VBA debug function, the application blocks the access to the project and makes the code unviewable. While the add-in generates a new modified VBA code, the good news is that this does not work outside the compiled file.

The feature can come in handy when you are forced to send sensitive financial information to a business partner or client, for instance. You can simply send the compiled file by email and do not have to worry about all of the information security issues.

Enables you to protect critical data seamlessly

Even though it provides you with an expert level of security for the spreadsheets, compiling the files is as easy it gets. In fact, you can just select an icon, EULA as well as a splash image and specify the application’s legal copyright and DoneEx XCell Compiler takes care of the rest.

It is necessary to mention that you can still make modifications in the spreadsheets after compilation. However, the main difference here is that while it makes the calculations, the new file does not display the formula used as it is hidden.

A good tool if you email critical data regularly

DoneEx XCell Compiler can help you get that extra level of protection necessary when emailing financial reports or other sensitive information about your company regularly.

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