Domain Checker

Obtain domain status information with this effective and intuitive application that allows you to batch process multiple entries.

  • Domain Checker
  • Version : 2.6
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :VOVSoft

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Domain Checker Description

Domain Checker is a simple, but powerful solution for users that require a domain availability analyzer. The software supports 79 of the most common domains, and users are free to import new ones from TXT files.

Great for simple or advanced domain scans

Anyone interested in releasing new websites will benefit from this utility, as it allows one to check for domain availability. The ability to batch process multiple entries makes it a worthwhile tool, more-so when several options are being considered for the future site.

The application features an efficiency-geared GUI that allows one to quickly generate simple or advanced scans. Domain Checker employs few auxiliary windows, which are accessed either from menu, or from the large topside buttons.

Supports batch processes

All one needs in order to start domain scans is a valid query (and an Internet connection, of course). One of the great features of this software is that it allows scanning for individual items, as well as for multiple entries.

Besides manual input of desired items, one can also import information from DOM files. These two features combined make the program very powerful, since it allows batch processing new and old tasks.

Can generate name variations based on a text string

Once the process has been initiated, the program automatically returns the status of the input items. Other auxiliary tools are available, like the Whois protocol, which is integrated into the tool, and the “Add domains from formula” option. This is a great feature to use in order to obtain valid domain names based on a certain text string.

To conclude, Domain Checker is a very reliable software that can assist users in accurately pinpointing available web domains.

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